2017-2-28: Mobiso 6.10 has been released.  See http://bit.ly/1GlOMvU for individual notices on the 6.10 release and accompanying patches.

2017-1-26: Mobiso 6.9 Patch 18 (User ID Reassignment Detection Functionality) has been released. See http://bit.ly/2knDalg for details.

2016-12-16: Mobiso 6.9 Patch 17 (Insufficient Port Notification Fix) has been released. See http://bit.ly/2hVbO7E for details.

2016-10-31: Mobiso 6.9 Patch 15 (Bulk Audio Import Update 2) has been released. See http://bit.ly/2f9EAwd for details.

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Cloud-based Speech Assistant

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