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Customer Service

Receiving customer calls and consistently, accurately, and quickly connecting the call to the right employee or department is a key part of any organizations customer service. Many companies of all sized have deployed an automated speech attendant solution as a way to achieve this high quality caller interaction. Callers simply say the name of the person or department they want to reach and Mobiso Speech Assistant completes the call. A proven highly accurate Speech Assistant lets your customers reach your employees quickly and effortlessly without the frustration of traditional ‘dial by name’ lookup. A Speech Assistant solution also frees administrative staff from mundane call answering and call connecting duties to focus on higher value tasks for the enterprise.


  • Reduce the costs of answering customer calls through automation
  • 24*7*365 access to Company resources such as product information
  • Dramatically shorten time to connect leading to higher customer satisfaction and less abandoned calls
  • Consistent quick call answering every time for quality customer perception.
  • Offer preferred language to caller for improved satisfaction
  • Available as a hosted SIP based service for affordability and flexibility

Ready to sign up now or need more information?: Email Mobiso Sales, use our Contact Us form, or call us at 1-978-442-3000 and say: “Products and Services” to arrange a personal demo and price quotation.


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