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Direct BroadWorks to Mobiso Integration

Direct BroadWorks to Mobiso Integration

Lyrix is currently offering BroadSoft Service Providers free, unlimited use of the Mobiso Speech Assistant for internal use and sales demonstrations to their customers. Simply create or identify a dedicated User account on the BroadWorks platform, fill in the form below, and Lyrix will activate your free Mobiso account. Once the credentials have been validated, Mobiso will retrieve your Enterprise directory; register Mobiso as SIP endpoint (just like a softphone) and speech enable your internal directory within minutes. It’s that simple! Once your customers become interested in speech enabling their directories you simply provide us with the required credentials or have them purchase the service through the BroadSoft MarketPlace. Give it a try today!

Please fill out the form below to activate your free Mobiso account.

Are you a VoIP Service Provider?*
Company Name:*
Contact Person:*
Contact Phone:*
Contact Email:*

Step 1: Create or use an existing dedicated User account on your BroadWorks system.  Verify that you have done the following:

Assign the "Generic SIP Phone" device profile*
Assign an available phone number
Assign these Services if they are not already assigned:
Call Transfer*
External Calling Line ID Delivery*
Internal Calling Line ID Delivery*


Step 2: Complete the form below to connect your BroadWorks system to our Mobiso Speech Assistant platform.

BroadSoft EWS_URL*

For data retrieval with OCI-P interface.

Proxy Server Address or BroadSoft SBC*

This is where Mobiso will send SIP registration requests.

BroadSoft SIP Domain*

For SIP registration and call routing.

Mobiso Phone Number*

The direct dial number for Mobiso.

Mobiso Extension*

Usually the last four digits of the phone number.

Mobiso User ID*

The assigned BroadWorks User account for Mobiso integration.

Mobiso User Password*

The password for the Mobiso User ID.

Mobiso Authentication User Name*

Required for SIP registration and call routing to the Mobiso platform.

Mobiso Authentication Password*

Password for the Authentication User Name.

Operator Number

Direct dial number Speech Assistant calls routes to when caller says "Operator" or call cannot be processed automatically.

Voicemail Number

Direct dial number that Speech Assistant calls are routed to when caller says "Voicemail."


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