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Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant for BroadWorks


  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • EZ setup and automated provisioning through BroadWorks
  • Easy voice controls for BroadWorks dialing, conferencing, and Anywhere

The Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant for BroadWorks unlocks the power of the human voice and instantly empowers a highly mobile and dispersed workforce to be more productive and reachable to improve your customers bottom line.  With an increasing number of employees working from home or from their mobile devices, Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant for BroadWorks enables a truly “numberless enterprise” and can be used to easily and quickly connect customers with employees, and mobile workers to instantly start a voice conference with colleagues. These benefits are well known, but the success of speech in the market has been dampened by the costs of hardware, licenses, and the ongoing support needed to ensure accurate and satisfying user experiences. Lyrix has solved these issues for all BroadWorks based service providers.

SPEECH AND BROADWORKS – A MARRIAGE IN THE CLOUD: : Lyrix is a BroadSoft partner, with the Mobiso Automated Speech Attendant available on the BroadSoft Xtended Marketplace. Our close working relationship has resulted in tight integration to BroadWorks, enabling a fully automated provisioning and maintenance process. Mobiso automatically creates a cloud tenancy for your customer and directory adds, deletes, and changes flow to the cloud, keeping the customer’s speech directory up-to-date. Once enabled, a user dials the Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant for BroadWorks and is passed to the Mobiso cloud over SIP, where Mobiso converses with the caller to activate the desired service. The user may speak people, places, product names, customers, services…whatever the customer feels is useful. External callers, trying to reach company employees can be serviced by Mobiso the same way, with a company greeting welcoming the caller and then routing the caller to the correct destination; in this way, Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant for BroadWorks serves as a Front Desk application in addition to an internal productivity tool for the employees.


Get Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant on the Broadsoft Xtended Marketplace.


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